Timeline of World History


Timeline of World History
  Big Bang - 1BC

Mesozoic Era - Ancient Egypt - Homer "Iliad", "Odyssey" - Judaism. The Covenant with God - Plutarch "Life of Romulus" - The Age of Pericless - The Battle of Syracuse - The Death of Socrates - Plato - Buddhism - Aristophanes - Alexander the Great - Hannibal - Ancient Greek Sculpture - Mahabharata - The Hasmonean dynasty - Cleopatra VII - The Jewish War

  1th - 12th century (1-1199)

Ovid "Metamorphoses" - History of Christianity - Julius Caesar - Attila the Hun in Battle - The Age of Justinian - Hagia Sophia - Islam - Lincoln Cathedral - Battle of Constantinople - The Coming of the Vikings - Holy Roman Empire - Crusades

  13th century (1200-1299)

University of Cambridge  - Battle at Kalka River - Inquisition - Kublai Khan and Marco Polo - Dante Alighieri "Divine Comedy" - Giotto - Thomas Aquinas - Florence - Osman I - Simone Martini - Khaljī dynasty

  14th century (1300-1399)
Tenochtitlan - Francesco Landini - Valois Dynasty - Hundred Years’ War - Black Death - Black Prince and Battle of Poitiers - Hubert van Eyck - Mamluk dynasty - Fra Angelico - The Fall of Richard II
  15th century (1400-1499)

Battle of Grunwald - Joan of Arc - Medici - Hussite Wars - Torquemada - Francois Villon - Botticelli - Sforza Francesco - Hieronymus Bosch - Christopher Columbus  - Leonardo da Vinci - End of Byzantine Empire - Wars of the Roses - Richard III Plantagenet - Machiavelli - Copernicus - Michelangelo - Martin Luther - Raphael - Titian - Henry VIII of England - Cornish Rebellion

  16th century (1500-1599)

Russo-Lithuanian Wars - John Calvin - Cortes and Conquest of Mexico - Pieter Brueghel - Battle of Tenochtitlau - Magellan - Palestrina - Protestantism - Ivan IV, The Terrible - Elizabeth I - Montaigne - El Greco - Torquato Tasso - Cervantes - Ukiyo-e - French Wars of Religion - Shakespeare - Battle of Lepanto - Henry IV  - Rubens - Anglo-Spanish War - Kabuki - Monteverdi - Pope Gregory XIV - Orinoco River - Rene Descartes

  17th century (1600-1699)
  18th century (1700-1799)
  19th century (1800-1899)
  20th century (1900-1999)
  21th century
  Everything Else - MISCILLANEA
WORLD History    
IDEAS that Changed the World   EVENTS that Changed the World
BOOKS that Changed the World   PEOPLE that Changed the World
ART that Changed the World   MUSIC that Changed the World
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